Friday 31 August 2007

Friday Links

The Sony Rolly I'm at a loss as to what market this is supposed to appeal to but I suppose the fact that I'm blogging about it says it must be sad geeks with no sense of art or rhythm.

Casio go nuts with their
new prototype consumer super - zoom camera. 60fps 6 megapixel shooting? The highest display resolution I can find at the moment only hits 5 megapixels ( QSXGA 2560x2048 ) This is triple the pixel count of so called "Full HD" at more than twice the frame rate. I seriously hope it comes with a firewire port to plug it into the multi-terabytes of external storage it's going to need.

Rumour has it that European cellular providers are going to turn on GSM EDGE data services to facilitate the roll out of the iPhone. I won't call bullshit on it just yet because some of the cellular providers I've dealt with are easily stupid enough to consider doing this but even I'd be surprised if that happens. Anyone got any idea if the iPhone is still selling? I got my hands on a HTC Touch during the week and I've got to say that it is surprisingly tiny and lovely piece of kit but frankly I still like my phones to have a keypad.

There will be an update on the Meteor Spotting project over the weekend - this week hasn't been very amenable to giving me the time to work on it unfortunately.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Joe,
I am a former (temp) employee in Intel who looked up to you as a God. How your brain fits inside that head I will never know. I expired to be the best of best, until I met the best of the best... My forth year project was a pityful attempt attempt to minic in a small way the system that you have implemented in SFF, but it fell a long way short.
You never signed my farewell card, or hung around to say "Good Luck"... but over 5 months I watched your work and WOW!!!
If you can't guess who posted this... I wrecked your head more that any other CO-OP.
Wishing you well.