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Sunday 31 August 2014

Bubbles and Mirrors

I got a couple of shots over the past week that don’t really fit together but they were both taken around the top of Grafton St and both have interesting optics.

The first is Grafton Street reflected off both the front and back of a soap bubble, creating a very interesting effect. This is basically just as it came out of the camera, just slightly cropped.


And then I tried to get this shot of an entire Luas in the platform mirror by the Stephen’s Green terminus. Didn’t quite get all the elements right but it’ll be better the next time – now that I know all of the parts I have to keep an eye on.


Some more Dublin Street Art and Rathmines Bees

I went in to town to track down a piece of street poetry by @ourtimeourcity that I thought I’d seen in Smithfield but had failed to get a picture of last time I was there. It was a great way to start the day.


My other target for the day was to get to the Landmarked exhibition at The Mart in Rathmines. Third time was a charm, I was too early and too late on my previous attempts. Great work by Joe Caslin, Eoin, GAG, KIN, ADW,and MARCAMIX.





On the way back out of Rathmines I found that there are a lot more Rathmines Bees than I thought there were, and some appear to be migrating north to Portobello and mutating.







On the way back I noticed that there was a crew working on Liberty St. They seemed to have been adding to some memorials to John Ryan (Crept). I’ll have to go back and get some better shots once it’s all finished, didn’t seem right to be bugging them.


Saturday 23 August 2014

Repeal the 8th March

I ducked out of Shamrokon for something a little bit more serious and joined the crowd for the Repeal the 8th protest. It was a good turn out, not on the scale I’d hoped but it was well organised with good speakers and I was very impressed by the overwhelmingly positive response from (almost) everyone we passed. The only negative reaction I heard was from an American tourist who felt led to inform a couple of us that “Abortion is bad”. So is force feeding a rape victim and then carving her up without her concern, sister.