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Sunday 3 March 2013

Keepy Uppy hack at Science Hack Day Dublin

Loads of fun, more posts to follow but some pictures for a start.

And all of this gives us data like this ( dropping a ball and then a kick, followed by freefall followed by another kick and freefall pair of events:

Freefall   G:     72 Duration 0.00238265 Launch Delay 2.64402304
FreeFall End

Launch G:    313 Duration 0.00305754
Launch End

Freefall   G:     70 Duration 0.02869233 Launch Delay 0.37855668
FreeFall End

Launch G:    445 Duration 0.04812543
Launch End
Freefall   G:     26 Duration 0.37386897 Launch Delay 0.06773423