Tuesday 21 August 2007

Google Backtracks on Video

Apparently the powers that be in Google have heard the uproar that ensued following their fairly inept handling of the cancellation of their video download to own service and have backtracked somewhat. They're still canceling it and anyone who bought stuff to own for good will still eventually lose it but they are now giving everyone who fell for the "Download To Own" DRM fiction a full refund.

Frankly I'm very unimpressed. If that blog post is the whole truth then they didn't realise what the reaction would be to what they were planning to do and that, frankly, means they were being stupid.

Given that they made a stupid mistake it's nice to see them making some effort to make up for it but I reckon they seriously missed out on a fantastic opportunity to carve out some good legal precedent.

Oh well.

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