Tuesday 7 August 2007

More on Aspergers

Daithi maintains that the Barren Cohen Asperger's test is rigged and I thought he might be onto something as I also seemed to score outrageously high myself and well, I know I'm not the most socially adept bloke on the planet but I wouldn't have pegged myself as dysfunctional, at least not unless I'd been drinking excessively the night before.

However I do have some particular foibles that some would find a bit odd and could be used to back up an Aspergers (or related disorder) diagnosis if someone was attempting to get me tagged as being in some way defective.

I'll start with two :
I always wear my socks inside out as the seams drive me nuts.
I almost always shop for jeans in the same shop. I've done this for nearly 25 years and continued to do so even though I was living on a different continent for 10 years of that time.

How mad is that?


Ithiad said...

We all have our quirks. Just means we're human, not Aspergers. I've got:

1: Always use the same mug for tea. And witness the extreme meltdown when it broke.
2: Paper piles on my desk have to be aligned rectilinearly.
3: Trousers on before socks. Socks off before trousers.

Joe Mansfield said...

True - although I have to say that the rectilinear alignment thing is very disturbing bud. Next thing you'll be telling us that you keep all your remotes sorted too. :)
The truly disturbing thing for me is that fairly basic quirks like these that most of us have are probably enough to get a young kid tagged with ADD\ADHD these days and being pushed into a Ritalin habit.
Oh well.