Monday 17 December 2007

PayPal's Single Use Virtual Credit Cards

I was delighted this morning when I found this press release from Orbiscom and read that PayPal had finally opened up their Orbiscom derived PayPal Plug-In single use Credit Card system to their entire user base.

Pay-Pal Plug In

Anyone with a PayPal account can now download and install the Plug In however it appears to be preventing me from activating the one time Credit Card feature unless I can provide it with a personal credit card with a US billing address. I suspect that when this press release talks about "entire user base" they really mean just the US users which is a pity.

I'd be delighted to find out that I'm making some mistake here though as I really miss the security of the old O-Card that I used to have from Orbiscom since my bank discontinued the service last year.

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jinksto said...

Paypal discontinued this service in Sept. 2010 I think