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Friday 25 January 2008

My Latest Toy

Last year when I was visiting my sister I got to play with a fantastic toy that belonged to my youngest nephew Jim (aged 5). The Nerf Maverick as it's called has simply got to be the most awesome toy gun ever made. Now I hate guns, the real kind, with a passion but I always had a soft spot for the toy variety and this thing is like something that has come to earth from a universe where outlandish weapons like Deckard's hand cannon from Blade Runner or Judge Dredd's Lawgiver really exist.

I was keeping an eye out for one (for me) whenever I was shopping for toys for my various younger relatives but I never found it for sale here in Ireland. Late last year I found that ThinkGeek had them for sale for the excellent price of $9.99 each. They have a very funny video demonstrating that you can (if you are sad enough) use them to star in your very own Live Action Doom Movie.

Anyway I went and bought two last week and they arrived yesterday - here's one of them on my laptop to give you an idea of how outlandish they are.


OK that could also be used to show how small the M1330 is. :)

As if they weren't enough fun as they are a couple of folks have taken the base units and modded them to improve the range and increase the barrel spin speed. There's even a market for pre-modded Mavericks.

Anyway - I'm quite happy with my $19.98 purchase, the cats however now hate me :)

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