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Thursday 31 January 2008

What's On Your Keyring

I'm a sucker for gadgets and Jeff Atwood's recent blog post about the stuff he keeps on his keychain had an effect on me that I can only describe as being just like the way a moth is forced by genetically honed instincts into spiraling into a candle flame. I know I should just take a look, admire the toys, and move right along but unfortunately I just keep coming back. I think I searched for that post to go back and read bits again about 10 times until I finally cracked and bought one of the toys.

So having succumbed to the flame I'm now the proud owner of a Fenix L0D RB80 60 Lumen LED torch. It's tiny - about the diameter of an AA battery and 1.5 times as long. This thing is bright enough to dazzle and leave you seeing spots in broad daylight if you're dumb enough to stare directly at the beam (Doh!). It throws out about as much light as a 10 watt traditional incandescent bulb which doesn't sound like much but I'm amazed that the technology has advanced so much that a light like this can run at that intensity for about an hour off a single AAA battery, and for many hours at its lower intensity levels.

Here's a shot of it with a few other toys sitting on my mouse pad to give an idea of scale:


From left to right: Logitech VX Revolution - the best working (as opposed to gaming) mouse I've ever had, Samsung Blackjack, Fenix L0D RB80, Peter Atwood Bottle Bug and my trusty old Victorinox SwissTool which is coming up to 8 years old and still as good as ever

Yeah I know I shouldn't be allowed near shiny things but what can you do. :)

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