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Thursday 28 February 2008

iPhone to be Launched in Ireland by O2 Today

I heard this on the radio this morning and apparently O2 are finally launching the iPhone officially in Ireland on March the 14th. Pricing will be €399(8GB)/€499(16GB), €45 per month package including some unspecified amount of built in call time and 1GB per month of data.

Since the best deal I've been able to get from Vodafone is currently costing me over €100 per month just so I can get some data this actually looks like a good deal.

I have lots of reservations about the iPhone but frankly I think that it's positives should more than compensate for it's deficiencies especially since I'm not too bothered about the capacity - I'd prefer a 30/60GB data capacity but I'm not an iPod junkie who needs to carry my entire music collection with me and in terms of other data (e-books etc) I'm getting along fine at the moment with my BlackJack with a 1GB MicroSD card.



Eddie said...

You know you want it so stop asking us to justify it and go buy it.

Anonymous said...

That's certainly true but I'm actually fishing for any feedback from anyone who has actually used O2 Ireland's data network in anger. I'm perfectly happy to live with Edge\GPRS data rates but only if the general experience is that the service is actually available. Vodafone is good most places that I find myself but it's abysmal in the parts of Cork City that I tend to find myself for example.

Anonymous said...

Tariffs are up on O2 now and the 14th is confirmed.
18 months Bill Pay contract required
€45 per month which includes
175 minutes
100 SMS
1GB data
Excess data is at 2c per meg.
Compare this to the 15-25Meg allowance from Vodafone and their €5 per meg excess data charge.
Visual Voice Mail is not supported but frankly I could care less about that.

Pat C said...

Have O2 given any direction as to whether this data tariff will be made available to all customers, or is it a special iPhone only deal? Give the devices limitations - no expansion, GPRS only, and the limited app availability ( at least till the SDK launches, and even then it looks like Apple will act as some for of gatekeeper)- i cant see it working for you. And thats even allowing for me being a Mac devotee