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Monday 7 April 2008

Microsoft fixes Windows Live Hotmail access on Windows Mobile 6

A couple of months back I complained about the fact that AT&T had removed the Windows Live Services components from their Windows Mobile 6 ROM upgrade for the BlackJack. The net result of this was that it became almost impossible to set up Hotmail access on the BlackJack which I thought was pretty stupid. AT&T weren't alone in this so many Windows Mobile 6 users were unable to make use of Microsoft's own online services which seriously hampered the take up of Microsoft's Live Mobile services.

It appears that Microsoft has taken note of this and done the right thing - the Windows Live for Windows Mobile components are now available as a download so users can now fix this cleanly and legitimately.

The direct download of the cabs for all versions of Windows Mobile 6 is available here. Thanks to Jason Langridge for giving us the heads up.


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