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Sunday 13 March 2011

Earthquakes and Tsunamis

I’ve been following this with a seriously high horror quotient but the following quote from CNN live reduced me to tears:

Since the initial earthquake, there have been 250 aftershocks above 5.0 and almost 50 above 6.0, CNN's Chad Meyers said.

We live in a potentially savage world but that is so afar beyond the pale that I don;t know what to say – even one of those 250 “minor” quakes would reduce this country to rubble and anarchy – and these people have had to withstand hundreds of them.

I sincerely hope it gets better now , rather than worse.


Pat C said...

It still never ceases to amaze me - the sensationalist reporting of the "impending nuclear meltdown disaster" to take peoples focus off the real impact on the millions of displaced people... BBC, ITV Sky and RTE (ha!) should hang their collective heads in shame while they bin their journalistic credentials... Come back, Leo Enright!

Joe Mansfield said...

I was listening to Richard Boyd Barrett on the Radio yesterday and I was struck by his total inability to be in any way rational about this.

Even _if_ this results in a meltdown the overall view of this should be one of amazement at how well the engineering has worked - despite an earthquake 8000 times more violent than the design requirement, followed by a Tsunami that killed at least three entire safety backup systems they still have the ability to act and keep the systems from a violent runaway.

And in the end no matter what happens in the reactors, many thousands of more people will have died from the quake and Tsunami directly than will ever get so much as a headache from the radiation.

The "Nuclear Catastrophe" headlines are really showing just how bloody useless the media really are but the population at large are lapping it up - we just love a nice catastrophe story especially one that allows our inner-chimp to feel justified about being too lazy to think critically and rationally about things. Somebody told me yesterday that they were afraid that the radiation from Sendai would make them sick - I despair of people sometimes.