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Tuesday 26 April 2011

Quinn, a name that I hate more and more every day.

I was horrified to hear on the news today that the Government (with a straight face) has indicated that it would consider instituting a 2% levy _on consumers_ to pay for the €600m or so shortfall that Anglo Irish Bank (!) and Liberty Mutual say they will not take on board as part of their acquisition. The levels of crazy in this story are beyond belief.

For starters Quinn was one of Senior Demons on the the inner circle of the hell that brought us to where we are today. Sean Quinn’s insane CFD gambling on Anglo Irish shares was a significant trigger in the collapse. Of course there were many others in that same circle but the Quinn group was one of those sick beyond all belief organisations that frankly we should let die to serve as a lesson to all the others. I’ll admit that the jobs are important, but the blatant disregard for basic financial responsibility that the Quinn group practised for years is the sort of thing that needs to be eradicated with extreme prejudice.

The fact that Anglo Irish Bank are involved in this at all beggars belief. That they are doing so in this way is something I just can’t get my head around at all. Seriously WTF are Anglo doing buying an interest in any significant financial business? I thought they were on the road to structured euthanasia.

Who is owed this debt that is so important that I, someone who has never had a Quinn policy in my life, has to pay part of it? Why can’t they take they hit?. What happened the normal rules of capitalism? Did I miss some new government policy while I was flying all over the western hemisphere these past few months.

Seriously – my answer to this is no. You can’t have it from me, I’m not going to pay and if you want to you can put me in prison before I will allow any of my money to be spent to bail out yet another capitalist’s gambling debts. Sean Quinn may be a nice man but his addiction to high stakes gambling should not be my problem, or yours.

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