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Saturday 22 March 2014

Keep Calm, You’re in Cork now like.

Since I had to spend quite a lot more time in Cork than I’d originally planned this week I decided to make a determined attempt to root out some of the street art that I knew was there this morning.

In the process found quite a lot of stuff I was totally unaware of.

Earlier in the week I got a few shots of some cool pieces on Carey’s lane on my iPhone that are worth putting in here as a start:

2014-03-19 09.09.18-12014-03-19 09.10.26-1


The things I really wanted to capture today were ADW’s Wonky Tan and Evolution and I also wanted to get back to Tuckey Street to get a good shot of the “Keep Calm you’re in Cork now like” piece.

I came across the ADW pieces completely by accident, right at the start of the mission. Go me.

When I was parking in Paul St I saw these on the walls of Camden Palace across the river. So I went over to take some pictures.


And just around the corner on Pine St between Camden Place (the quay) and Devonshire Street there were the ADW pieces I was looking for.



With some pretty cool stuff by Psychonauts and some others that I couldn’t identify.



On the way back I found some interesting decorative stuff behind Sin-é, seems to be part of their overall look. Bonkers but very cool. This was one of three and I found a similar one across the river on a door in to The Mutton Lane Inn.


Heading back across the river I took a couple of decent shots of the mural behind the Opera House / Half Moon Theatre. Again this is only part of it, and the whole thing is well worth checking out as it’s very cool.


From there I made for Tuckey Street to get the a better shot of “Keep Calm you’re in Cork now like”. This time I moved the gate that was blocking the view and got the view I wanted. This is just so good.


While I was over there I also grabbed a couple of photos of interesting bits on Hanover Street. I assume that The Secret Garden is some sort of club but whatever it is the overall effect is clever. And clearly we have some Anonymous presence in Cork.


I was killing time at this stage and started poking about in the laneways. When I got to Mutton Lane I came across “The Pana Shuffle” – an incredible mural that covers pretty much one entire side of Mutton Lane. It’s been there 10 years and I never knew.




Finally I headed back over Oliver Plunkett St to see if that had anything to offer and found this cat tucked away quite discretely.


Walking down Phoenix Street I wasn’t at all surprised to find that Crane Lane had a huge piece on a wall out back.


Crossing over the South Mall I found these on an otherwise unassuming hoarding on Father Mathew Quay. I really like them.

DSC_0039 - CopyDSC_0039DSC_0040DSC_0041

At that point I had to head back to the hospital to pick up my Dad but as I was heading back to get my car out of Paul St. I took a detour over to the Coal Quay and found a huge mural which included this mug shot of Keano as Mao which I reckon was a good place to stop.


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