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Monday 17 March 2014

Raïa on Coke Lane

I hit Smithfield on my way in to town earlier to see if I could find the RAIA/Raïa pieces I’d missed on Coke Lane last weekend. I found the two I was there to see, plus some extras down by Frank Ryan’s Bar that I hadn’t known would be there. I’m intrigued by these three, will need to see if I can place them all, the last one is almost certainly Phil Lynott, wondering about the others.



So objective one was complete.

Heading on into town, on the way past Fegans and the peerless Saudade I think someone has been adding some colour: I’m quite taken by the sentiment I have to say..


Then it was more or less straight up the quays, generally looking for any pieces by Zlashing that I haven’t seen yet. Found one that had been painted over but couldn’t make it out.

Finally got a chance to snap the shutter of The Barbers Room on College St. I pass this every day but the light is almost always terrible. Having a good camera and a lens capable of stopping down to F/1.8 helps enormously.


Every time I see that I get a terrible urge to have my head completely shaved.

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