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Sunday 9 March 2014

Some More Dublin Street Art

Audrey had told me that there was some interesting stuff in the Liberties that I’d missed on my last trip up Thomas St so I headed back in search this morning.

Found this on a ruined facade called Conway, quite nice.


And nearby was this rather dramatic uplift of some business window shutters.


Then I wandered around searching until I hit Francis St and found a bunch of stuff, including the specific piece Audrey has mentioned on the way down to the Tivoli.


Which led up to the Tivoli Car Park and these two pieces. The additional commentary about Bono that you can make out if you zoom into this one is quite funny.



And this one is an amazing play with pattern and texture. Seriously impressive.


There’s also a ton of stuff on the walls inside the Tivoli Car Park – this just gives a flavour of it. I’ll have to go back again when I can get in there.


Most of the rest that I found hasn’t changed from my first trip ( here ) so I headed off towards Georges St Arcade and Drury St to see if I could get a better shot of a gateway there that I want to capture but have never managed to take an acceptable picture of. On the way I noticed this sign for the Mercantile that I’d never noticed before. Very cool.


And then I got to that gateway on Drury St. I think this is an OK shot assuming you don’t mind the distortion from the panorama shot but unless I nuke all the cars that are forever parked in front of it I don’t know how I can improve on it.


And then I took a quick run over to the North side to see if the alleyway connecting Bachelors Walk and Abbey St had anything to contribute since the loss of everyone’s favourite Tardis. The art work wasn’t particularly awesome but the wit was out in spades. Those North siders sure know how to hand out both criticism and praise.


But they know how to lay on the awesome when they feel like it too.


Heading back I passed through Temple Bar again and while I was walking along Essex St East I noticed a couple of guys staring into a really dark, dingy alleyway on the south side winding up towards Dame Street. I passed them by but something jumped out as I did, so I backpedalled and found they were looking at this. I think the two guys thought I was some sort of nut but who cares – I’ve wanted to find this one for quite a while.


Good day again. Nowhere near as epic as yesterday’s half marathon wander around the city but a pretty good walk and the weather was perfect for it.

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