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Sunday 18 May 2014

Walking the Cliffs in Ardmore and meeting the Irish Model T Ford Club

I was over in Ardmore earlier today, checking out the Cliff walk, which is a lovely 5km loop around the headland that I’d strongly recommend to anyone looking for a nice mix of walking, scenery and some nature and it’s all pretty easy going and well sign posted. Well it’s well signposted if you go around the “wrong way”. The maps say start at the Round Tower and loop anti-clockwise but most people start at the Cliff House Hotel and loop clockwise. If you do start at the Round Tower the first couple of way markers are a bit hard to find, they are there but are buried in the bushes somewhat. On the clockwise route you can’t get lost – there is only one route to take.


The walk was fun but I got a real treat when I got back into the village. Just as I got to the main cross roads I noticed a bunch of vintage cars. I’d seen them leaving Helvick earlier but I was too late to grab a camera and find a good spot to set up. Not this time, I was in an almost perfect spot to catch them. It turns out that it is the Irish Model T Ford Club so all of these are T’s of one variant or another.

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