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Saturday 27 September 2014

Abortion Rights Campaign – March for Choice 2014

So 30 years on and I’m still marching against the 8th Amendment, hopefully I’ll be able to stop soon. There was a good turnout today, 5000 or so by my count. It was enough to fill one side of O’Connell St. as it took off and at the end there was a solid crowd two blocks deep, or maybe even more in front of Leinster house. Great speeches at the end, especially the call to arms by Clare Daly, as she really nailed it for me. The march organizers should be really happy overall, as political marches go the entire set of speakers were really on point, effective and eloquent.

The marchers themselves had prepared well, there were many really effective and clever banners and placards. The other thing that is worth mentioning is that this was a very busy day in the city, great weather and a Hurling final had the streets crowded, and at least from my perspective there was an significant level of support from those just looking on. There were two very sad looking people parked just across from the Garden of Remembrance holding up a placard with some probably heartfelt but still incoherent biblical quote about us all being damned but otherwise the only reactions I saw from onlookers were from people clapping or waving in support.

Roll on 2015 and a referendum to repeal the bloody 8th.



Getting started up by the Garden of Remembrance



The crowd from somewhere near the middle as it turned up Dawson St. and then making its way up Dawson St.


Some of the placards and banners.


There were some politicians taking part. I walked a fair distance right beside Mick Wallace and Clare Daly before I realised who they were.


Ruth Coppinger checking out her own words on a ROSA placard. Damn fine quote too.


All marches need a Samba band by the way. The DIT Samba band were fantastic and gave the marchers both rhythm and presence.


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