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Saturday 11 October 2014

Autumn Sunshine

Autumn decided not to be all cold, wet and windy today which gave me a chance to grab some shots of the sun burning off the early morning mist around Kildare. The old church and graveyard at Oughterard seemed like a good place to go since it’s one of the highest points in this part of the county and I think it was a good bet. I got a couple of shots on the Grand Canal on the way and probably should have spent more time on it but I was happy with these two. 


The mist in the valley below Oughterard was perfect – flowing along like a slow motion river over the fields and hedges.



The churchyard itself was OK but I think I’d have needed a tripod, a lot of patience and a willingness to get very wet to make the most of it. I made do with just enjoying the atmosphere and a couple of quick shots.


The whole exercise woke me up so I decided to head for the coast and go for a walk on Killiney Hill. Definitely well worth the effort but I made a mistake and ended up parking on Vico road, I’d have been better off parking down by the beach in Killiney or in the car park near the Quarry. Still I got in a nice 8km hike, with a 200m climb which came with a reward of panoramic views of Dublin Bay.

Sorrento Terrace and Dalkey Island, from the north end of Killiney beach.


Sorrento Terrace and Dalkey Island from the top of Killiney Hill.


Killiney beach to Bray from the top of Killiney Hill.


The autumn sun. I got sunburned. In October. In Ireland. Don’t know if I should be delighted that the summer continues or irritated that I seem to be destined to get sunburned every time I go outside this year.  I spent a good 10 minutes trying to get that lens flare just right by the way, it should have been a no brainer but I was so hot and sweaty from climbing the hill I couldn’t look through the viewfinder without having both my glasses and the viewfinder fogging up. That was not a technical challenge I expected to have to deal with in October.


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