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Saturday 21 February 2015

Snowdrops and Daffodils

Yeah I just did that. Channelling Dana is bad karma but what can you do, today was a definitely a Snowdrop & Daffodil day. With some crocuses, gentian, and possibly a daisy or two thrown in for good measure.

So to redeem myself in the eyes of the faithless lets start off with my best Repeal the 8th Imelda sticker to date. Take it as read that I’m working on making this particular thing happen, and hopefully before long we wont have to worry about that building in the background having to host yet another supreme court session to decide on the relative importance of the rights of a bunch of cells over those of a living, breathing and very much sentient member of our society.


With that out of the way, it pains me somewhat to revert to Dana and her Eurovision winning song but today was very much a case of Snowdrops and Daffodils. With a lot of other early blooming flowers thrown in but the snowdrops and daffodils ( Galanthus and Narcissus to be more precise) are definitely out there claiming “First Post” on springtime with a vengeance. And it’s pretty cool to see. There were a few spots, notably the Blessington Basin, where the Crocus family had a pretty strong claim too. In any case it was a great day for taking a long stroll around the city looking for signs of spring.






Blessington Basin was also full of birds. Dublin City council may be well intentioned putting up “Don’t feed the birds” signs but nobody pays any attention. I think they should install a few vending machines that dispense healthy bird food rather than rely on the signs, nobody ever pays any attention to them and I’m pretty sure all the white bread really is bad for the birds.  


It was bloody cold but a great day for a walk even so. I haven’t been using the Fitbit so much lately so I don’t have any of it’s data but I had a solid 6 hours of walking in there, so at a guess ~30km. Not a bad result for the day. 

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