Saturday 14 February 2015

Spring is Sprung, Roses are mostly not red and Violets are definitely not Blue…

But Valentine’s Day wasn’t a total downer after all. Yay!  So I went out hunting new street art this morning. Bad weather, holidays and then work have kept me off the streets since November and I was in the mood for a long stroll. Today was a peach to be honest.

For starters I tracked down not one but two of Caelainn Bradley’s poems in Smithfield. The first one is particularly topical for the day that’s in it.


And then I fond this mystery Valentine’s card stuck to a wall nearby. As far as I can tell It was one of 20 put up around the city as random “Here’s a Valentine’s day card for you” gifts to strangers by a graphic artist called Isabel Ruiz de Casas. I saw another one on Grafton St. but didn’t realize it until I saw this one. It’s a lovely little project,


Much more of this and I’ll ruin my reputation of not having a romantic bone in my body.

Other highlights of the day – a trio of pieces by Conor Harrington. Now that he’s getting main stream recognition we may not get too many more of these freebies so I fully intend to enjoy them.



Loads of new stickers. I particularly like the Heeed “Based on a True Sticker” one but the 13 of spades is quite special.








And some new larger pieces too. The wall of Busyfeet & Coco Cafe got yet another epic overhaul.


Dermot McConaghy (DMC), Solus and some others (I think) put this First Fortnight mental health awareness piece together before Christmas on Temple St South. .



Also a classic by ADW that seems to have been newly stuck to a post in Smithfield. Never gets old. 



And finally, just in case anyone thinks I’ve stopped being angry about our defective constitution. This Must Happen.


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