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Saturday 21 February 2015

[Yet] More Street Art in Dublin

I found another street poet, not entirely unexpected as I think this one had been posted by @picturethisdublin at some point or other but it’s definitely worth adding to the list. 10/10 for location too, @echoesofagirl.


The focus today was really on stickers. There are a lot of stickers on the street furniture in Dublin. I wonder what that really says about the city sometimes. The council could adopt a much more aggressive/defensive approach and not have so many smooth/flat surfaces for example. The folks distributing the stickers could choose a less “mass market” approach too. And in many cases the stickers are not art, they are often just marketing or political sloganeering. Whatever the motivations of the various players I’m quite happy with the status quo, I find them interesting.


Some of the old Traffic Light control boxes have been repainted. Dublin City council now have a formal project for this where artists apply for a box, and are then their art is left alone on the box, rather than the standard reaction of getting a dollop of grey paint, so I assume these are now 100% official.



Hope to see more.

And there were a few other interesting things. This is an ad for Molloy and Downling who are a sort of weird opticians who specialise in antique-ish eyewear. Cool company. Bonkers bit of viral advertising if that’s what this is. It’s a sticker with a lot of thread randomly sewn into it. Found on a wall on Essex St east.


What’s really interesting is that last week I found this sticker, also with some thread sewn into it, just around the corner near Crampton Court. This one appears to be a map. I’m intrigued and may spend some time tomorrow trying to track down some of these numbers.



And finally. This is both sad and totally hilarious. In case anyone is sympathetic, I have also found two annoying cats. If you feel like adopting the dog, why not consider adopting my two cats first. I assure you they are probably a lot easier to look after than an annoying dog. PLEEEEAAASSSEEE!!!.



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