Sunday 12 April 2015

Dublin Street Art - Classic Cabra edition.

I’ve come across some new pieces recently in parts of the city that I regularly hang out in that I finally got around to photographing over the past week but my major discovery was a gem of a laneway in Cabra that is a real treasure for a Street Art fan.

First up though was a new wall in Grangegorman, just off North Brunswick St. This arguably more of an advert for Rabbit Hole than true Street Art but it’s cool none the less and they are a Street Art collective of sorts (I think). This just went up the day before I took this and seems quite odd since it is directly across the road from the Grangegorman squatters. 


The real;y special recent find for me was in the laneways behind The Elmo corner shop, just off St Peter’s Road in Cabra. If you want to find it head just west of the Cabra Road / North Circular Road junction at St Peter’s Church. It’s also very near where the Phibsborough stop on the Northern Luas line will be when that opens next year. It’s quite a showcase of some of the more notable recent street artists from the city. Wear boots though, it’s a pretty grim spot at the moment. It’s been there a while but most of it’s still in pretty good nick.

The highlights for me start with this classic from ADW. With added deeply meaningful graffiti wit added by a true artist later.


Another Missed Call Girl by ArtistDMC


This piece by Kin MX


Zorro! by Visual Waste


This distinctive piece from ArtbyEoin.


Click through to the slideshow to see the rest and a bit more context.



Back on the South side and the Dame Lane / Grafton St / South William St / Coppinger Row district I’ve just started to notice these pieces by MP Maggle crop up in a couple of spots. Not 100% sure yet but worth keeping an eye out for.



And yet anther wheat paste by whoever it is that is putting these up to join the Marilyn and Audrey prints from two weeks ago on Coppinger Row.


On Wednesday I was delighted to discover that ADW is back and making a mark again in public and these went up over the last few days.

Something for the water protest on the Royal Canal between The Barge and Portobello. Possibly. With a reprise of the fishing boy who was summarily erased from Broken Hearts when that went up further up the canal a few years back.


This very cool banner by ADW for the Marriage Equality Referendum had me thinking that there was almost no street art around concerned with the referendum. Which I thought was a bit odd since it’s such a big deal at the moment in the media at large. Then Joe Caslin unveiled his rather epic piece on George’s St. I’ll have to go get a picture or two myself but in the meantime here’s a link to that.


Update: Got that Joe Caslin piece this morning, along with a few hundred other people snapping away. Very popular with the camera phone set. I also have no doubt it is annoying the utter bejayus out of the iOnanists. And to them all I can say is – get in the fecking sack. 


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