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Saturday 2 May 2015

A few more Marriage Equality Referendum Posters

The Yes Equality group put up their posters after I’d posted my last batch of pictures so I missed out on a few first time round.



The MFM No posters have been targeted repeatedly. A lot were torn down, and some like this one, were edited. Neither practice is helpful and it seems to have stopped, or at least slowed down.


It is springtime in Dublin too so the city is looking great and Oscar is lording over this whole exercise as only he can. I’ve also just realized that while he is looking out at his old house at No 1, Merrion Square he is also looking out at No 23 and I doubt he’d be a fan of its current occupants, and he’d certainly be pouring scorn and derision on their current antics over this referendum.



Outside of Dublin almost all of the posters I’ve seen to date have been from he No side, and MFM in particular. They clearly have a very large budget to spend. That said there was a few very clever, and cheap, Yes campaign “signs” on the roads in and out of Longford town.



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