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Wednesday 10 June 2015

Post Referendum Bits and Pieces

We’re all coming down to earth after the positive referendum result. One interesting feature is that the Yes Equality! pop up shop is still doing a brisk trade in the Stephen’s Green Shopping Center.


After the post referendum clean up the city was done up for Bloom. I missed most of it but it seemed to be living up to its reputation for adding a lot of colour and humour, with a bit of a horticultural angle thrown in for good measure. I only managed to get a shot of some bunting on Dame Lane.


My only excuse is that the weather has been:


And inspiration has been lacking. I very much like the composition of this palimpsest though.


I went on a bit of a tour across country today in search of Joe Caslin’s castle piece without much success but decided to continue on to have a short walk around the center of Galway. It was worth the trip, will have to go back.






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