Friday 7 December 2007

Kindle Update

Kindle usage report update from the Washington Post via  Tele-Read:

–Says the “Sprint-supplied ‘Whispernet’ service,” used for transmitting books, “has major gaps in rural areas, starting as close as 30 miles from the District. Users in the country may need to download books to their computers, then copy them to a Kindle.” In a related vein, see this link kindly supplied by TeleBlog contributor Paul Biba—on the difficulties of using the Whispernet in Montana and other states with no coverage or spotty coverage. Bait-and-switch advertising for their residents? Or are they not reading fine print?

This should not be a surprise - for crying out I called that one out as soon as I saw the actual technical details and I don't live anywhere near Montana..

.. the choice of EV-DO means this is restricted to major population centers in the US.

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