Thursday 6 December 2007

Shay's TV

I took some pictures while I was helping Shay install his newly acquired 40" Sony Bravia KDL 40W3000 last week that I've been meaning to post. My initial reaction on seeing the box it was delivered in was that it was way too big and Shay had clearly been drinking before he bought it but to be fair to Tank Boy it looks amazing when mounted properly using a good wall bracket.

To give you an idea of scale - the Dell box on the table in the first picture contains a 24" Dell flat panel monitor and it looks minute beside this beast.

The final picture is a full 7meg shot of the TV displaying Shay's X-Box Live console you can click through to Picasa and zoom in to see just how much detail there is on a 1080p display.

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Dave said...

Joe & Shay - wow looks cool