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Sunday 2 February 2014

More Dublin Street Art

I took another walk around the streets this morning. The light and atmosphere wasn’t quite as idyllic as it was a couple of weeks ago but the old city was looking all right, and the James Joyce bridge was in a reasonably photogenic mood.


I went off into the side streets this time, looking for some more street art, found quite a bit as there is some sort of effort going on at the moment to add a bit of life and colour to the place.

First stop was just up by the Liberties

2014-02-02 09.59.492014-02-02 10.00.46 HDR

And then back around by the NCAD – clearly someone is channelling their inner Banksy with the first one here.

2014-02-02 10.08.26 HDR2014-02-02 10.09.43

And then I ended up around the Grafton St area, not much to see there but this advert for Phantom FM was quite cool.

2014-02-02 10.29.25

And then back down towards the Liffey, taking in the Andrew’s Lane Theatre, and something in Temple Bar that might be a shop front or might be graffiti and I can’t tell for sure but it was worth taking a picture of .

2014-02-02 11.11.37 HDR2014-02-02 10.39.51 HDR

Once over the river I decided to follow the Luas tracks for a bit and found some pretty cool stuff

2014-02-02 11.28.35 HDR2014-02-02 11.32.58 HDR

Fegan’s Cash and Carry was a magnet for some great work – I really like these two.

2014-02-02 11.35.01 HDR2014-02-02 11.35.11 HDR

But this one was awesome:

2014-02-02 11.36.05 HDR

And then on to Coke Lane by Smithfield – the Cinnamon Cafe’s security shutters were nicely done and this dead space with its old walls and ramshackle looked quite surreal with the weird light reflecting in from all the glass around that part of Smithfield

2014-02-02 11.42.41 HDR2014-02-02 11.43.37 HDR

But then I turned a bit to the right and found this, that just blew me away. It was a really nice way to finish off the walk around the city centre too.

What makes it even more special to me is that I have no idea who CB is and, despite the presence of that @ourtimeourcity Twitter handle, the words in this poem do not register any hits on any search engine. Not yet anyway. It’s just stuck to a lamp post, adding something amazing to the city, something real.

2014-02-02 11.44.04

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