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Saturday 8 March 2014

Glad to be back in Dublin.

I had an epic walk around the city centre today, found a bunch of places I’d never seen before ( like Henrietta Place and Kings Inns? Wow. ) and made a major dent in my need to get a Dublin City fix after being stuck in the country for over a month.

I’m going to post some pictures shortly but the list of streets and points of interest I passed along the way is worth posting I think:

  1. Conyngham Road
  2. Parkgate St.
  3. Temple St. West
  4. Benburb St.
  5. Smithfield
  6. King St. North
  7. Bolton St.
  8. Henrietta St. and into King’s Inns and King’s Inns Park ( Awesome )
  9. Dominick St.
  10. Parnell St.
  11. Cavendish Row
  12. Rutland Place
  13. Gardiner Square North
  14. Parnell Square North and Hugh Lane Gallery
  15. Parnell Square East
  16. Cavendish Row
  17. Parnell St.
  18. Gardiner St.
  19. Sean MacDermot St. Lower
  20. Buckingham St. Lower
  21. Amiens St.
  22. Harbourmaster Place
  23. George’s Dock
  24. JP Morgan House
  25. Mayor St. Lower
  26. Custom House Square
  27. Spencer Dock - Anglo Building
  28. New Wapping St.
  29. North Wall Quays
  30. O2  ( with all the Beyonce groupies queuing for tonight’s concert)
  31. East Link Bridge
  32. York Road
  33. Thorncastle St. – Irishtown
  34. Bridge St. – Ringsend
  35. Ringsend Road
  36. Pearse St
  37. College St.
  38. Westmoreland St
  39. College Green
  40. Central Bank to Cope St.
  41. Fownes St. Lower
  42. Temple Bar
  43. Temple Lane South
  44. Dame St.
  45. Eustace St.
  46. Temple Bar
  47. Sycamore St
  48. Dame St.
  49. Parliament St
  50. Wellington Quay

Now that was a good walk, just shy of 14km. I passed over the bridge in Ringsend just as Ireland and Italy were lining out on the pitch in Lansdowne Road, got to see the fire jets and fireworks going off. Hadn’t realised how load those things are, I was at least 2km away and they were _loud_.

Great day to be in the city.

Tomorrow I’m going to start at the same point more or less be head south of the river first, got some street art to find.

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