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Tuesday 25 March 2014

Dublin Street Art around Camden St ( mostly )

On Sunday last I spent quite a lot of time chasing down some things that were slightly off my normal track – Anna Doran’s new piece in Rathmines and The Bernard Shaw in particular. I took a bit of a roundabout route, starting in Phoenix Park, but didn’t really take many pictures until I got to Temple Bar.

I did get one great piece of North Side wit and wisdom on Little Britain Street. Seriously there really is a Little Britain St, it tees off onto Capel St. Anyway this is class.


From there it was off over to South Great Georges St via Temple Bar. Most of these are in order but these first two go together so I’ve put them here at the start. The stag is just off the end of Essex St East in Temple Bar and is the next picture I took on this trip and the Bull is on Camden St, near Anna Doran’s “Rain, Rain, Go Away”. The Bull gets better the more I look at it.


The route was heading up South Great George’s St, keep following as it became Aungier St, then Redmond’s Hill. Just as it crosses Kevin St / Cuffe St junction and becomes Wexford St I grabbed this new shutter art on Antoinette’s “Let them eat Gluten Free Cake” Bakery on Kevin St.


Heading on up Wexford St I found this Wolf / Lady combination on Protestant row,  a lane off to the east side of Wexford St,  and then having crossed over found this CANVAZ piece on an ESB substation on Camden Row off to the west, just down from BoBo’s burgers.


At this point Wexford St becomes Camden Street Lower and we have Anna Doran’s Rain Rain Go Away, a neat shutter design for Green Nineteen and a classic ADW “Things go better with Cop On” over the next block or two.



At this point there’s the first of two Maser pieces, U ARE ALIVE, on Grantham St off to the west. I’m going to throw in the second here, Maser’s tribute to Seamus Heaney’s “Nolle Timere”, as well but it’s actually about four blocks further out towards Portobello past The Bernard Shaw on Richmond Place South.


Then there is The Bernard Shaw. Tons of stuff here but I’ll stick to just a shot of the man himself and the pub standing proud amidst the surrounding carnage.


And then it was over the canal, past Portobello, and I finally got to Williams Park in Rathmines where Anna Doran has used this old warehouse-soon-to-be-a-coffeeshop for her new piece “Catch”.


On the way back I found a few smaller pieces, including one from Zlashing that I wasn’t expecting.


I’ve seen this woman’s silhouette in quite a few places around the city but this is the first time I’ve seen her commenting on anything. Quite funny.


Finally I was back in the center of town and grabbed a few bits that I’d missed on earlier trips. First a Traffic Light Control Box on Fade St. with obligatory “Woof!” sticker.


A Conor Harrington Piece around the back of The Olympia.


And finally this bit of sticker work on an ash tray is very clever.


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