Sunday 30 March 2014

Stickers on the Streets of Dublin

Dublin has lots of sticker art. There’s a lot of political stuff and there is a fairly mad soccer-fan-club-sticker scene that I never knew about until today, both of which might be worth a closer look at some point but I don’t have the energy for that at the moment. The more general “stickers as street art” scene is pretty robust though and I went hunting as an excuse to get me out walking the city again.

I wont even bother trying to say where each of these came from specifically. Most were around the South Circular Road / Thomas Street / Temple Bar  but a few were over on the North side between Talbot St and Parnell Square. I’m grouping a few notables together. The bunch of Maser stickers obviously and the Heeed.Me set. I’m also throwing in the Beast pictures here even though they aren’t stickers as such but they are stuck on walls so I think it’s arguable.

Anyway first up a few from Temple Bar that I can’t figure our authorship but I think they are quite good:


And where would the world be without teenage angst. The worn and now missing part totally makes this one for me. Quite zen..


The main targets of my trek were the the slightly funny or quirky logo\slogan type of thing. First up: There are loads of these around,


And then a few from Maser.


Solus – just a few stickers.


ADW – Labelz. I found about a dozen of these. There’s a really well preserved one in the toilets of the Brick Alley Cafe in Temple Bar. I really like this, disappointed I never took a photo of the giant version that used be on Wellington Quay.


Beast – these are quite mad and appears to be a very multinational thing. (  see  )


And then a properly anonymous North Side cynic.


And then the rest…


While I was at it I found a few pieces of classic Graffiti & stencil work that I’d missed on earlier trips. The first one is on a lane off Moore St heading for the ILAC and the second one is on Mary St ( off Capel St to the Wast)


And an artist @ work on Thomas Street. I’ll have to go back and check this one out later in the week to see what the finished work looks like. He was in the zone so I didn’t want to disturb him.


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