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Sunday 6 April 2014

A Walk In The Parks–Part 2

Second park of the day was not really a park. I haven’t been to the Botanic Gardens since last summer so a trip was long overdue. Spring is just about taking hold, it will probably be at its best in another 2-3 weeks. Still it was a nice spot to have a walk around in the rain. Not a lot of rain but enough to get me thoroughly wet just as I set out. Oh well, it gave everything a nice crisp shine at least.


First up the Glass House with the various South African plants – love the Strelitzia. Used to have them in my garden in Johannesburg, quite a demon of a plant to keep under control. I’m not even going to try to name the rest, that’s way beyond my botanical skills.




The daffodil meadow was looking particularly splendid. I _really_ regretted not having a good zoom lens for these. It’s very hard to capture these with a fixed lens.



And then I closed out with a few final bits – one of the few Orchids that was in bloom in the Orchid\Palm house and I dunno what the pin cushion thing is but it was in a very pretty flower bed arrangement by the cafe.


Anyway two down. One more park to go.

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