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Tuesday 1 April 2014

Dublin bathes in Sahara Dust

Sometimes when the wind is just right we get some African dust in the air. All I’ve been hearing is that people’s cars are “ruined, I tell yez, just ruined” which I think pretty much indicates that we’re probably on the road to recovery. A few years back most people wouldn’t have noticed.

Anyway, I like dust in the air because it does magic things to the light. This one is straight off the camera, no messing with the colour, just cropped to get the classic profile of the Ha’penny Bridge lamp as the focus.


And then I had some fun with the colours. To be fair to me when you were actually there it felt a lot more like this. And I don’t care if you all think it’s OTT, I just love this view,


The tide was really low and for first time ever I noticed that the Liffey’s river bed is mostly slabs of stone and not mud or debris. I find that quite odd given the tidal behaviour at this point. I assume it’s because of the upstream dams and weirs combined with a lot of dredging over the years but perhaps this is just how it is. It’s definitely not like any other river I’ve looked at this closely. And, yes, the light was a lot less dramatic facing east, but look at those slabs!


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