Sunday 21 September 2014

Sculpture in Context 2014

The Sculpture in Context exhibition is back in the Botanic Gardens in Glasnevin for another year and it’s an interesting change from the last few years for me. While there were some very nice pieces out in the field the really impressive work was in the gallery. Overall though it’s all worth a visit, and makes for a great day out whether the sun is shining or not. I was intrigued and delighted to see a laser sintered piece ( Andrew Folan – The Queen Bee) in the gallery, something I hadn’t noticed before, but then I don’t hang around with the art crowd all that much.

Favourite Outdoor Pieces:

Deirdre Hayden and Jeremy Simmons – Cherry.


Anne Boleyn I and Anne Boleyn II by Jason Ellis


Favourite Gallery Pieces:

Angela Velazquez – Past Tense ( I think, I might have the piece name wrong, there were three, all stunning)


Thomas Wollen – Manta Harebells


Andrew Folan – Queen Bee



If you want a broader view of the range here’s a slideshow of the gallery pieces:


And this slideshow has pieces from out in the gardens themselves.

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