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Sunday 29 March 2015

Recent Dublin Street Art

I haven’t been posting much about street art lately because I haven’t really gone on a specific trip to track stuff down but I have caught sight of a few new bits and pieces recently that I haven’t put into any posts as far as I can remember. Seems like a good time to get them out.

First up there are some rather odd black and white wheat paste photoshop mashups. They all appeared at around the same time a few weeks back in and around Coppinger Row. The first two are definitely related, not so sure about the third.




Dublin’s Dead Letterbox on Shie Lane has had a bit of a clean up, and has acquired a strange little sticker to go along with the clean new look.



There’s been a bit of an explosion on the sticker scene. A lot of the newer stuff is crap TBH, either just plain advertising, over produced shiny bullshit or badly produced vapid bullshit and there is definitely now an _excess_ which will probably lead to a serious backlash. There are still some that catch my eye that I think do add some sort of value to the atmosphere of the streets.


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