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Sunday 29 March 2015


I’ve posted about these odd threaded stickers before but I found a third one on Paddy’s day and thought I really should put them all together. One of these fine days I’ll track down some explanation about what’s behind the concept but for now they’re just sitting in the weird bucket. I’ve no real proof that they are actually related to be honest but it seems too weird for them not to be.

The most recent one is simply woven into a flyer for Weathering, which is an exhibition of contemporary Irish design run by the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland. I’ve no idea if that has any significance at all. I found this one on Benburb Street, near Collins’ Barracks.


The second one is an advert, or based on an advert for what I suppose the hipsters would call bespoke artisanal eyewear specialists, called Molloy and Dowling. In any case I found it on Essex Street East across from the Culture Box stuck to the wall of Costa Coffee.


This was the one I noticed first, tucked away in Crampton Court, that little alley way connecting The Olympia with Essex Street East. Clearly it’s a map but I think it might actually also be a map that has something to do with these.


Need to find some more.

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