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Monday 27 April 2015

Some recent Dublin Street Art - April 2015

Starting off with a wheat paste making a point about the Savar/Rana building collapse disaster and other abuses of the low cost global clothing trade. That was paired with the oddest bit of primary school art class type collage featuring Bishop Casey and the remains of a fish on a bit of arts and crafts card.  Both were on the rear wall of The Mercantile ( below and a bit to the left of The Cladagh Embrace).


The Segway Selfie Knight and this Evoke tag featuring a slightly stale homage to our recent epic weather are on the Grand Canal cycle path between Leeson Street and Charlemont Place.


More strange poster like things. In Temple Bar this time.


Avenue (Nick Munier’s new place) on Crowe St in Temple Bar and The R.A.G.E retro gaming and music shop on Fade Street. Can’t comment on Avenue, although I’m sure I’d love it, but The R.A.G.E. is one of Dublin’s little gems.


A very furry PETA piece on Essex St East ( that was rapidly removed) and a bit of cynicism on South Great George’s Street that I never noticed before.


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