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Monday 27 April 2015

The Marriage Equality Referendum on the Streets

If it were down to the quality of the street art this would already be a done deal.

Street Art:

Most of these are part of Will St Leger’s Walls of Equality project ( more here ).

Niall O'Lochlainn , Morgan and John O’Connor have decorated windows of  The George on Shie Lane.


The banner hoarding beside The Bernard Shaw has hosted both Rasktdaklann and Jess Tobin (Novice) (so far).


ADW ‘s door at the South William and Sums One’s Fistful of Yes at the Project Arts Theatre.


And of course Joe Caslin’s “The Claddagh Embrace” on the wall of the Mercantile facing South Great George’s Street.


Posters and other stuff.

The Pro side:





There are quite a range of Yes political posters from Fine Gael, Labour, Sinn Fein, The Socialist Party and Fianna Fail. But I haven’t gotten around to snapping them yet. The basic campaign poster is nice and to the point.


And of course there are some no Posters:

All the No posters (so far) have been from “Mothers and Fathers Matter”, the sacrificial ground troops of this campaign for The Iona Institute. As the Broadsheet notes on this one “The gang’s all here” – although to be fair that’s not quite accurate as Senator Mullen has been campaigning independently on this one and the Burke’s have set up their own group called “Mandate for Marriage” which is an unfortunate choice of name really. Note your brain may explode if you listen to that last link.

For the record the Referendum Commission itself has stated that the claim on the left is false and since the Children and Family Relationships Act was passed last month the one on the right is a complete red herring. None of the rest are any better.


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