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Wednesday 13 May 2015

Some Yes Windows.

For balance. Because that is important. Also I missed a few good ones yesterday that I found when hunting down the No’s. Think of it as a pleasant little palate cleanser.

Giving the tourists a huge colourful Yes on O’Connell Street


Jaipur on the corner of South Great George’s Street and Stephen Street Lower hitting it out of the park.

The Hipster dude on the bike however is hitting it clear out into orbit. Gown, beard, 1920’s military style cap, platform trainers, red drainpipes with matching hipster bike. If nothing else I hope the country votes Yes so I can frame this picture as the vision of the future of Dublin. Glorious.


Burrito & Blues, apparently one of the best in town, on Wexford Street. Sí.


I think this is above Dunne’s Stores on Exchequer Street. I doubt it’s got anything to do with them though.



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