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Friday 15 May 2015

A Luta Continua.

I thought it might be interesting to make word clouds using the words from the No campaign ( taken from all 10 different posters) and the Yes campaign ( taken from 60 different posters, banners, windows and assorted street art). I’ve removed the words “Vote”, “Yes” and “No” before making the clouds but it is quite clear which is which. It’s also fairly clear who is actually talking about the actual topic ( Marriage Equality Referendum, the clue is in the name ).


I went on another wander around the city centre looking for businesses with signs up that I hadn’t seen yet or any new posters. The No side have blanketed the city with the “Dads can be parents” posters but otherwise no new varieties on that side.

Make up For Ever on Coppinger Street demonstrating that they are quite seriously keen for a Yes result. Lolly and Cooks on Westland Row probably get the prize for the closest “Business for Yes” window to Dáil Éireann.


This one is not really a Yes vote but I like they way this works to counter a huge chunk of the negative No stuff by holding a very positive event for all types of family. Love their inclusive iconography. These Yes! Equality posters backed by the Children’s Charities have also started to appear today.


This very inclusive poster was on the door to Mezza Falafel on Parliament Street. BelongTo , the LGBT Youth organisation are upstairs. Havana Tapas Bar on South Great George’s Street have a small but unique poster of their own.


I wandered through Trinity and this was the only indication on the campus that I could see that made reference to the Referendum. I assume they have rules.


And finally this lovely hand written version of the last 8 words from Ulysses. The closing line that Joyce gave to Molly Bloom serves as a perfect call to arms for the Yes side.



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