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Sunday 14 June 2015

Strange Stickers in Dublin

I’ve been looking at a lot of stickers ( slap tags ) around the city lately and there’s the usual mix of interesting, crazy, political and commercial trying hard to be down with the kids or something. I snapped these ones over the weekend.





However a couple of really weird ones have shown up over the last couple of days that have me intrigued. I’ve found one or more of these in about 8 locations, most near Stephen’s Green/Dame Street area but I also found a cluster on the North side near the Dublin City Fruit and Vegetable Market on Mary’s Lane.



Each sticker has a GPS coordinate as a reference starting point and all are in or around the Sunset district of San Francisco. Each one then has an offset ( 1 or 1.5km NE or SW) which locates the landmark in question. The same reference starting point is used for both the Tank Hill and Sutro Tower stickers, and that reference point is very close to where the Corona Heights point works out to be.

The three points are just random spots near the referenced landmark as far as I can tell from things like Google Maps but they are all on the same 45deg bearing along a dead straight line. That's a no-brainer though because there are only two fixed reference points given and two directions so they all have to be on the same line.

Sticker 1: Sutro Tower. 37°45′22″N, 122°27′05″W

( Ref: 37.76558947 , -122.43935213 then 1.5km SW)

Sticker 2: Tank Hill. 37°45′33″N, 122°26′51″W

( Ref: 37.76558947 , -122.43935213 then 1km SW)

Sticker 3: Corona Heights. 37°46′00″N, 122°26′22″W

( Ref: 37.76032291 , -122.44747923 then 1km NE)


Tank Hill (200m) and Mount Sutro (277m) are in the top 5 highest hills in San Francisco but Corona Heights (160m) isn’t all that special.  ( ). Also the Sticker is fro the Sutro Tower which isn’t quite the same thing.

This will probably turn out to be something really dull but at the moment I’m intrigued.

1 comment:

ericsf said...

I just noticed a set of the SF stickers last night on Baggot St, 24 hours after arriving in Dublin for the first time. All three locations are within half a mile of my home in SF, so it was quite a surprise to see!