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Sunday 21 June 2015

The Botanic Gardens and Emo Court

I went for a bit of a wander yesterday into town to see if I could find any interesting things to shoot in order to practice getting some good shots out of my AF-S Nikkor 35mm 1:1.8G lens. I’d taken it to The Botanic Gardens yesterday and while I got some interesting shots I had a lot of issues, framing was a challenge, exposure was poorly thought out or I got the depth-of-field wrong, or whatever. There was a lot of potential but I’d forgotten how much more careful I have to be when shooting with this lens.








These two are particularly egregious examples of the over-exposure thing. Nikon DX camera’s problems with overexposing the red channel is not as bad on the D5300 as it is on the D-40x but when combined with my lack of attention, ugh. The orange one was just me being dopey – I just shot it too fast ( f1.8 in full sun) on aperture priority, shutter speed maxed out and I and wasn’t paying attention to the exposure.


I headed off to Emo Court today because I thought they had a nice flower/walled garden but apparently not. It’s a nice spot for a leisurely walk in a wooded garden but if you’re looking for flowers and more bio-diversity than trees and grass it might not be the place for you. It is very scenic though and the statues around the house a pretty interesting. The cafe is absolutely worth a visit all by itself mind you. In any case I think I did better with the lens today, but I didn’t see enough that was interesting to tell for certain. I think I got a better ratio of technically OK shots this time though.





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